Daily Vocab Capsule 17th April 2018

1. Blatant (Adjective): completely lacking in subtlety; very obvious. 
Synonyms: glaring, obvious, undisguised
Antonyms: inconspicuous, subtle
   Example : She forced herself to resist his blatant charm.

2. Gutted (Adjective): Extremely

Synonyms: Devastated, Heart-Broken, Disappointed, Inconsolable

Antonyms: Pleased, Successful

  Example: He was gutted when she finished the relationship.

3. DETERRENT (Noun): disincentive;

Synonyms: hindrance, restraint

Antonyms: incentive, assistance;    

Example : It is a deterrent for others, not a healing process for the man himself.

4. Innocuous (Adjective): not harmful or offensive.
Synonyms: harmless, safe, innocent
Antonyms: obnoxious, harmful
Example : It was an innocuous question.

5. Bravado (Noun): A pretentious, swaggering display of courage.

Synonyms: Boasting, Bombast, Bragging, Swagger, Machismo

Antonyms: Modesty, Cowardice, Bashfulness

Example: Picasso, with his polkadot shirt and clashing tie attempted an air of bravado, but lost confidence by the minute.

6. HARROWING (Adjective):Synonyms: nerve-racking, terrifying 

 Antonyms: calming, unfrightening

 Example : They watched a harrowing film about misogyny and violence.

7. Muzzle (Noun) : prevent (a person or group) from expressing their opinions freely. 
    Synonyms: silence, censor, suppress
    Antonyms: approve, allow, let go
    Example : The opposition leaders accused him of muzzling the news media.

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