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English - Sentence Correction Quiz

Hello Readers,
English Quiz on Sentence Correction for both tier 1 and tier 2 preparing aspirants , Try to attempt
maximum questions and post your answers in comments.

1.No sooner had she left but her baby started crying.
(a) When her baby started crying    (b) than cried her baby
(c) than her baby started crying      (d) No improvement
2. He rebuked Ram and I for our derelication to duty.
   (a) I and Ram                         (b) Ram and me
   (c) Ram and my                     (d) No improvement
3. Besides we, everyone is capable of doing this work.
   (a) Besides our                     (b) Beside we
   (c) Besides us                       (d) No improvement
4. He interrogated me that how I had accumulated so much wealth
   (a) how I had                        (b) that I had
   (c) how that I had                 (d) No improvement
5. He is braver and more talented than us.
   (a) talented than we are          (b) more talented us
   (c) more talented than we      (d) No improvement
6. We would have won the match if he would have played sensibly.
   (a) if he had played                (b) had he of played
   (c) had he played                   (d) No improvement
7. Neither of the suggestion is really worth accepting.
   (a) Neither of the suggestions    (b) Neither suggestions
   (c) None of the suggestion         (d) No improvement
8. Everyone of members expressed their opinion.
   (a) expressed his opinion         (b) expressed him opinion
   (c) expressed their opinion      (d) No improvement
9. Much has happened since he has started his shop in the city.
   (a) since he started              (b) since he will start
   (c) since he starts                (d) No improvement
10. I am high inspired by his preservence and intelligence.
   (a) I am highly inspiring         (b) I inspired highly am
   (c) I am highly inspired          (d) No improvement
11.Hardly Ram had opened the question paper when he went blank.
         (a) Hardly opened Ram had            (b) Hardly had Ram opened
         (c) Hardly did Ram opened            (d) No improvement
       12.The more time we waste, the little options we have in the exams.
        (a) the less options             (b) the few options
        (c) the fewer options          (d) No improvement
     13.They will not do the work unless you do not tell them to do so.
      (a) lest you tell                    (b) unless you tell
       (c) if you tell                       (d) No improvement
    14.One of my friends has able, competent and bravery.
        (a) able, competent and brave
        (b) able, competence and bravery
        (c) ability, bravery and competence
       (d) No improvement
   15.Owing to his negligent, he failed to complete the assignment in time.
    (a) Owing to his negligence
   (b) Owing to neglect
  (c) Due to his negligent
   (d) No improvement

Correct answers . Check and post your score out of 15.
1. C
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. C
6. A
7. A
8. A
9. A
10. C
11. B
12. C
13. B
14. A
15. A

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